California Roof Inspection

The Golden State

California roof inspectionIRI services California from border to border; covering all 770 miles long and 250 miles wide.

We maintain a C-39 roofing license, number 570789 in California to offer a benchmark level of credibility for our professional experience.

Established in a state that has one of the most diverse micro-climates in the country, IRI is well versed in extreme weather conditions; from intense dry heat to subarctic alpine regions, temperate rain forests, salty coastal fog, and nearly everything in between.

Mount Whitney, at an elevation of 14,505 feet is less than 90 miles from the lowest point in Death Valley at -282 feet; illustrating the tremendous diversity contained within the state.  

This diverse range has been the foundation of our expertise with nearly every type of roofing product in use, experiencing nearly every adverse weather condition.  Tornadoes, thunderstorms, hail, wind, torrential rains, heavy snowfall, floods, and fire are examples of the elements that roofing must undergo.

The array of roofing maladies and level of workmanship varies based on the region of California and the era and type of construction. The housing developments that sprang up rapidly during boom years display a higher concentration of application defects and marginal workmanship.

Concrete tile roofing was and is a prevalent product for many of these developments. Tile roof application procedures used in Northern California tend to be different from those employed in Southern California. IRI is knowledgeable in these regional discrepancies that do not always follow accepted trade practices.

California has become a highly litigious state over the past few decades and IRI has witnessed an upturn in the number of disputes over roofing and application issues, as well as claim settlements.

Storm chasers and commission-based claim services have become more widespread, creating an increased demand for IRI’s impartial third-party inspections and consulting services.